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Is the way this State ‘works’.

Minnesota High-Speed Rail Is Welfare Handout to Crony “Capitalists”

The Minnesota Bureau of provides us with a story of one instance of such cronyism: “Too big to derail? Opponents fear high-speed rail a done deal.”

Actually, the story mentions several instances:

Dueling multi-billion-dollar proposals for a high-speed passenger rail line between Rochester and the Twin Cities generated a standing-room-only crowd, but an equally galvanizing force was at play among many a recent meeting of the Citizens Concerned About Rail Line.

“We’ve lost control of government,” John Donovan, a rural Rochester auto body shop owner seated in the front row, said during Thursday’s meeting. “They no longer seem to work for us. They don’t represent the people or they don’t have the power to make it change. It just goes through like a big train. This thing sounds absurd.”

Opponents tick off…

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