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Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

Just when you think anti-gun politicians in Minnesota have gotten a clue, one pops up and proposes what they call “common sense gun law changes.”

This time around, it’s retiring Rochester State Representative Kim Norton (DFL-25B). In an article published in today’s Rochester Post-Bulletin, she revealed her plans for a comprehensive package of gun legislation in the 2016 legislative session:

“Norton is still working on crafting the bill but said her legislation will focus on making it easier to keep track of gun ownership. She noted that if she sells her kayak to someone, she has to register who she gave it to and questions why the same laws don’t always apply in the case of firearms.”

While we haven’t yet seen her proposed legislation, it’s clear that she’s calling for the registration of all firearms – and of all firearm owners.

In states like New York…

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