Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee
Your phone calls and emails to Rep. Kim Norton (DFL 25B, Rochester) about her unconstitutional gun registration proposal have made a difference!

Now Rep. Norton is talking about the need to “have a conversation” about gun violence in Minnesota and complaining about the tone of the conversation. After all, she really just wants to have a “conversation”, right?

Here’s what she said recently to the Rochester Post-Bulletin about her proposals:

“This will be a bill that hopefully will be common-sense, smart things that we could do that would help us get a little bit of a grip of who has guns, where they are…”

Rep. Norton wants to know who owns guns in Minnesota and where they are – and we know that means licensing of gun owners and universal registration of firearms.

Rather than approach us and ask for a conversation about what could be done to reduce gun…

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