Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

Last weekend, the Star Tribune ran a guest editorial by Minnesota’s lead gun control activist Heather Martens, the Executive Director of Protect Minnesota.

As usual, she called for restrictions on law-abiding citizens and claimed that her organization stood for gun safety – and, most laughingly, that they weren’t out to ban guns.

Of course, we remember in 2013 that Ms. Martens testified in favor of a bill to do exactly that – ban many common hunting and deer rifles under the guise of an “assault weapons” ban.

She ended her editorial with a call to action – a debate about gun violence here in Minnesota – and challenged the media to pursue such a conversation.

Mitch Berg, of Twin Cities radio station AM1280 – The Patriot, took Ms. Martens up on her offer. He contacted her to offer a debate on his two-hour Saturday afternoon political talk show.


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