Freedom Is Just Another Word...

“There’s been a surge in demand for shooting. There’s a lot of new shooters, a lot of new women shooters,” said Andrew Rothman, a firearms instructor and Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance president. “The trend has been toward more ranges and the indoor ranges are getting nicer, they’re getting more upscale.”


“Politicians are openly taking aggressive stances hostile to our constitutionally guaranteed rights,” Carter said. “So many members of the public feel that they need to buy a firearm now before legislatures (state or federal) make them illegal. The result is that these two forces have increased the demand for firearms, ammunition, training, and places to practice.”


Statistics show soccer moms appear to becoming shooter moms, with almost 20 percent of permits held by women. Osseo Gun Club and Pro Shop offers ladies-only classes and Friday date night $22.95 specials with free pistol rental for couples.


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