Freedom Is Just Another Word...



Turnout was the largest I have seen. Most were there for the straw poll which Rubio won easily, followed by Cruz and Trump a distant 3rd.

Afterwards we dealt with the business of Delegates and Alternates.

And once again I was voted in as one of the 5 delegates our precinct could have.

Received the most votes in our precinct. Am also the precinct chair once again.

Also listened to the various candidates for House and Senate in our District.

We also heard comments on Presidential comments. When it was asked if anyone wanted to speak for Trump all the was heard was a couple of loud No’s!!

Not overly impressed with our prospective candidates, 1 among 4 or 5 Senate candidates stood out.

Only 2 for House, of which one I know.

Lots of college kids there and 2 attending from our precinct were Seniors in High…

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