Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Tax them into submission. Then tax them some more..

This op-ed, co-authored by DFL Sen. Kevin Dahle and DFL Rep. Vicki Jensen, is mostly fiction. It’s totally in keeping with the DFL’s transportation chanting points. Mostly, though, it’s a thinly-veiled attempt at a major middle class tax increase that isn’t needed.

Dahle and Jensen start with a false premise, stating it “is well reported that Minnesota’s transportation needs have reached a critical point.” There’s been no doubt that lots of stories featuring DFL quotes have been written. The question isn’t whether Minnesota’s roads need maintaining. One of the questions is whether Minnesota should focus on roads and bridges or if Minnesota should focus on transportation. Another question worth asking is this: if it’s that well-documented, why didn’t the DFL majorities in the House and Senate send a bill to the DFL governor that raised the gas tax in 2013?

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