Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Here’s the deal:

Under Legislative rules, it’s too late for any new pro- or anti-gun bills to move forward. Even knowing this, anti-2A Senator Ron Latz is holding a hearing on two DEAD gun control bills…and he’s doing it on the day that the anti-gunners are having their day on the hill.

Why would he waste everyone’s time, and your tax dollars, on this stunt?

1. The Bloomberg gun control gang told him to.

2. He wants it to look like there are big crowds to support gun control.

3. He can.


Whenever gun control rears its ugly, racist, elitist head, we’ll be there.

If you can possibly arrange it, please meet us at the State Senate Building at 7:30 a.m, wearing your GOCRA shirt, so we can show the Senate, the media, and the state that Minnesotans don’t support gun control.

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