Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Periodically, the Scots would form an army and rebel against the English. Each time they took the field of battle, the Scottish Noblemen, whom the peasants believed represented their interests, would intercede with the English. Even though the Scottish army was a formidable force, their Noblemen would meet with the English and surrender in exchange for land and titles.

Does this sound familiar? I am suggesting that the republican establishment is our version of the Scottish Nobles. Each time we conservatives gather for battle and elect an establishment candidate, our Nobles go to Washington and exchange our freedom for more land and titles for themselves.

We sent a majority republican congress to Washington this last election cycle. These aristocratic noblemen sent us back more Obamacare, more out of control spending, more eavesdropping on our phone calls and emails, more endless wars and so on. 

Source: Blog — AmeriGEDDON

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