Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Of course Markie won’t give it back!!

Legalized extortion is what the elite DFL (Dumb F$%^ing LIEberals) Party is all about in Minnesota!!!

This douchebag Has continually taxed the hell out of us for his unions supporters pet projects!!

Dayton Says Give 0% Back

Outrageous! A $2.5 billion taxpayer overcharge, and now none of it is being returned!

The focus of the pundits is on the tactics used by the do-nothing Democrats to shut down first the transportation and bonding bill, and now vetoing the $250 million tax relief bill.

Putting politics ahead of the people and going back on your deals is bad enough, but the real message sent by the Democrats is “WE’RE KEEPING YOUR MONEY.”

Even returning 10% of the surplus to taxpayers was too much for Democrats

Taxpayers were overcharged $2.5 billion, and after $1 billion was spent and $600 million was put in reserves for…

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