Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Once again. A politician whom apparently is clueless….Or she knows where we can buy these ‘Assault Weapons’..

  1. “I support the Second Amendment, but….”

  2. “No one is trying to ban your guns.”

All gun owners know that neither of these statements is true, but it’s rare that a legislator will admit it publicly

Last night, Rep. Tina Liebling in HD 26A said during a candidate forum in Rochester that it was time to:

“get ‘assault weapons’ out of society”

“Assault Weapon”, of course, is just a made up term to make something sound scarier than it really is.

Rep. Liebling did not elaborate on her definition of an “assault weapon”, but her party brought forward an anti-gun bill in 2013 that gives us a pretty idea of what she probably had in mind:

  • Bans on many commonly owned rifles, including many rifles used for deer hunting
  • Required registration of these firearms

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