Justice grinds slowly but surely.

A new charge was filed with the Minnesota Campaign Finance  and Disclosure Board showing that

Rep. David Bly (DFL-Northfield) paid for the publishing  of his recent  book, ” We All Do Better”, with funds from his campaign account but  did not disclose that it was financed by his campaign as required by law. The citizens of MN House 20B, are entitled to an answer regarding this matter.

Much more serious were the Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board’s December 2013  findings,  following the November 2012 election that involved Sen, Kevin Dahle.  Campaign Finance Board ruled that the DFL illegally coordinated the spending of $312,641.00 on behalf of thirteen MN senate candidates, of which, Sen Kevin Dahle received $19,144.37. The illegal coordination had to  do with direct mail advertising to support his campaign against candidate Mike Dudley. 

In the investigation phase of the matter, Sen Dahle swore under oath that he didn’t know he was involved in an illegal coordination. Ultimately,   the DFL admitting no wrong doing in the matter, , but paid the  levied fine of $100,000  for the illegal coordination, the third largest fine handed down in history by CFB. 

Sen Dahle won the  2012 election for  MN Senate 20 by 71 votes.  Did the almost 20k of illegally coordinated  spending influence 71 voters to vote for him? We don’t know if it did or not, but surely we can ask the question if it did.