Freedom Is Just Another Word...

It was a tough night last night for Minnesota gun owners, as anti-gun F-rated Tim Walz won the Governor’s race, long-time anti-gun politician Keith Ellison took the Attorney General’s office, and the metro-centric DFL took control of the Minnesota House.

In the Minnesota Senate, Jeff Howe won the special election in Senate District 13, keeping the Senate in the hands of a pro-gun rights majority that will now have to serve as a bulwark against the extreme gun control measures we can expect to see.

Our Political Director Rob Doar will share more thoughts in a video on our Facebook page later today, but here are a few quick thoughts from last night’s results:

  • Voters told the media during polling leading up to the election – and in exit polls – that their top factors in their voting decisions were around healthcare, the economy, and the President. Only 2-3% of…

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