Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Like we have a problem here in Minnesota with so called ‘gun violence’.

Yet our new Democrat Governor seems to think so.

Governor-Elect Walz and Lt. Governor-Elect Flanagan are holding “listening sessions” across the state starting today to hear from Minnesotans about their agenda during the next four years.

You can see their listening tour schedule at this link.

In their “One Minnesota Agenda”, you can read all about their radical gun control plans, which include:

  • Banning “assault weapons” in Minnesota
  • Passing “Universal Background Checks”
  • Banning “Bump Stocks”
  • Funding research into “gun violence”
  • Instituting “Red Flag” orders
  • Fighting against ANY gun rights legislation

This is an opportunity to attend these discussions and politely (but firmly) express your opinion about their proposed gun control platform.


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