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Urge Your Senators to Oppose William Barr for Attorney General

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote next week on the Attorney General nominee William Barr.

Unfortunately, Barr’s answers to Senators’ questions during a hearing earlier this month showed that he holds a very anti-gun bias.

And after the hearing, several Senators submitted written questions to him — looking for clarification on many issues (including guns).

Sadly, Barr either doubled down in his support for gun control or refused to answer important questions — such as whether he supports concealed carry reciprocity.

So it’s now doubly clear that Barr will be no friend to gun owners should he assume the office of Attorney General.

Here are just some of Barr’s answers in writing:

  • Barr supports Gun Confiscation Orders: “… it is critical that we get an effective system in place that keeps firearms out of the hands of mentally…

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