Freedom Is Just Another Word...

‘Red Flag” gun confiscation measures are set for a vote in the House NEXT WEEK. And we need to act immediately to stop them!

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday will vote to advance two disastrous gun confiscation bills, teeing up a floor vote in the House.

HR 1236 would spend YOUR taxpayer dollars and give them to states that adopt local gun confiscation programs.

And HR 3076 would empower the federal government to SEIZE your firearms under this “Red Flag” scheme.

Take Action to Stop Red Flag Gun Confiscation

We cannot stress enough how important it is that these bills be defeated.

They would enable people you barely know to request that your guns be taken away without you being convicted of a crime.

Your rights would be taken away in a secret Kangaroo Court without giving you the chance to confront your accuser.

Take Action to Stop Red…

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