Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Ever since Beto O’Rourke proudly threatened to take away everyone’s AR-15, Democrats have been beside themselves.

Their leadership, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, promised us that O’Rourke’s views are outside of the party mainstream.

Except the anti-gunners apparently weren’t as well coordinated as they like to think. Because the media just shot that narrative to pieces!

Stop These Tyrants!

The press hosted a full circus act earlier today by conducting a “Gun Violence Town Hall” event.

And every single Democrat candidate for president with a pulse showed up – one by one – to proudly admit hell yes they’re STILL coming for your AR-15!

And boy was the town hall a doozy…

Stop These Tyrants!

Amy Klobuchar said “We can (enact gun control) without Congress. And then we can introduce sweeping legislation.”

Andrew Yang suggested that America should license guns and regulate them like cars, issuing gun permits based…

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