Freedom Is Just Another Word...

The so-called Democrat-Farmer-Labor party in Minnesota is proving to be anti-labor..

Mining, logging and tourism is what Northeastern Minnesota survives on. Yet the DFL party, mostly led by those ‘woke’ Progressive Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) politicians are the ones driving this.

Democrat Effort To Stop Controversial Copper-Nickel Mine Could Also Crush Existing Iron Mines

And of course DFL Governor Walz is managing to destroy a huge industry in Northeast Minnesota..

Northeast Minnesota Has Lost 10,500 Tourism-Related Jobs Since March 16th

In my Congressional District the Rep is Angie Craig, another ‘woke’ progressive whom is who is staunchly pro-choice, anti-gun and blindly obeys Nancy Pelosi. But we have a strong candidate in Tyle Kistner, Conservative whom is going to give her a run for her money.

And I agree with this totally.

Marine Veteran Turned Congressional Candidate Tyler Kistner Slams MLB’s Anthem Kneelers

The DFL party, out of touch with Minnesota…

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