I know there are a lot of families open-enrolled at Randolph from the Northfield district. Thought this would be of interest. We all need to remain informed about what is happening in our “home” districts. Also, I copied this from someone else’s post so it wasn’t me attending the meeting noted below. This is FYI only…I have no skin in this game. **************
Coming NEW Tax Implications if you’re in the Northfield School District – Must Read:

You probably know by now that Jenny Nelson won a school board seat and that Jeff Quinnell was re-elected there. Jenny takes office in early 2023, but she has been attending all school board meetings as a visitor until then.

This past Thursday, 11/17, both Jenny and Jeff visited and spoke at the Greenvale Township Board of Supervisors meeting. I was there and heard them talk first-hand. This is a meeting held every month for the township’s local governing body (townships do not utilize the mayor or city council of Northfield). But local townships do use the Northfield School District. There are ten rural townships represented in the Northfield School District.

They both stated the current School Board is seriously discussing doing a SPECIAL ELECTION in early February, April, or May 2023 to try and pass that tax levy, which would pay to knock down and rebuild the Northfield High School.

Jeff stated that the special election will cost $40k. Both he and Jenny believe a special election is unwarranted and any such matter should be properly placed on the ballot at a regular election such as mid-terms or when the 2024 election comes around. Doing so would save the $40k.

“Listening between the lines,” I heard that the current left-leaning Northfield School board is trying to get this special election done ASAP so many voters do not show up (most voters do not come for special elections) and so most voters for this tax levy, then, would be mainly IN the City of Northfield, which is largely a left-leaning group of voters AND who are likely to vote in favor of this tax increase.

Jeff stated the high school does need interior fixes and repairs and would benefit from some reconfiguration – definitely. However, the proposed tax levy would be anywhere from $60-$120 million for a brand-new school. Jenny and Jeff are going out and about to be sure rural residents know the special election is likely coming and so they can spread the word so any special election vote is not totally centered on voters in the city proper.

Jenny (a Greenvale Township resident) and Jeff will be visiting the 10 townships to spread this news. One note: Most township monthly board meetings are sparsely attended.

Feel free to copy the message above. Watch for a special election. Vote.

Shared from another post. Vital we are informed