How My State Rep Thinks..

27 01 2013

Government spends money so that the economy can be stimulated and money can
be made. You have to spend money at the macro level to make it work. This
is different at the household level. The private sector creates money by
pulling it out of thin air.~David Bly…

Pretty much explains his big government, socialist leanings.

Gabrielle Giffords To Hold Secret Gun Control Meeting in Minnesota

20 10 2014

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Al Franken, 97% Obama

18 10 2014

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Al Franken, 97% Obama
Make no mistake, President Obama’s policies are on the ballot this November and Al Franken supported them 97% of the time.

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Mark Dayton Lying (Again) About Insurance Costs

17 10 2014

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Against irrefutable evidence from insurance carriers, Democrat Mark Dayton insists on lying to Minnesotans when it comes to the increasing cost of healthcare on Obamacare and his pet project MNsure.

Dayton tried to sweep the increasing cost of healthcare under the rug with his bogus claim of a 4.5% increase.

The reality is the average person on MNsure will see double digit cost increases, and up to 60 percent if they are currently on PreferredOne through MNsure!

And now, as Obamacare hits the private sector, small businesses are seeing increases of 20%, 40% even 60% and higher!

Jeff Johnson is holding Mark Dayton accountable for his lie. Johnson said, “That 4.5 percent statistic is bogus. It’s meaningless. It’s nonsense. It was a blatant lie coming from the governor. I believe the governor needs to apologize to the people of Minnesota for lying to…

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Dayton’s Reckless Record

16 10 2014

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Dayton’s Reckless Record


Gov. Mark Dayton’s reckless record is failing Minnesota with one catastrophe after another.

Over the last four years, Dayton imposed $2.1 billion in job killing taxes, his Obamacare exchange increased health insurance costs, and he pushed private businesses to unionize


Take a look at Dayton’s reckless record: Paid Obamacare executives over$26,000 in taxpayer-funded bonuses during the disastrous rollout of MNsure. Meanwhile Minnesotans are forced to pay higher health insurance premiums.

Democrat Mark Dayton is reckless, and we can’t afford another four years of his failures.

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Franken Slept While The Threat Of ISIS Grew

14 10 2014

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 Franken Slept While The Threat Of ISIS Grew

ISIS grew stronger while Al Franken was dozing off.

Senator Franken and President Obama have underestimated what needs to be done when it comes to dealing with ISIS. As the terror group continues to pose a serious threat to America and it’s allies, Sen. Franken is asleep at the wheel.

Al Franken is making America a more dangerous place! It’s time for new leadership in the U.S. Senate.

Watch the full video here.

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Biden Coming To Minnesota!!

11 10 2014

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Like this will help Nolan??

Loyal Obama Foot Soldier, Joe Biden, Coming To Bail Out Rick Nolan
Minneapolis, Minn. – Obama loyalist, Joe Biden will appear with Rick Nolan later this month in a frantic attempt to save his Congressional seat. The Republican Party released the following statement on Biden’s upcoming visit.
“Rick Nolan knows he’s in trouble on the Iron Range, and so he is calling in President Obama’s most loyal foot soldier,” said Keith Downey, Chairman of the Republican Party. “Nolan’s situation is dire in Northern Minnesota, and Democrats know they are slipping and are forced to call in Vice President Biden in hopes he can save them. It’s clear Rick Nolan is feeling the heat from Stewart Mills and with only 25 days until Election Day, Nolan clearly needs someone to bail him out.”

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Democrat Mark Dayton To Impose Gas Sales Tax

9 10 2014

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For Governor Mark Dayton, raising taxes by $2.1 billion just wasn’t enough.

Dayton proposed a new sales tax on gasoline during Wednesday night’s debate.

Mark Dayton is so unaware and out of touch that he doesn’t understand that a gas sales tax raises taxes on MIDDLE CLASS Minnesotans.

Dayton’s gas sales tax will put a huge burden on hardworking Minnesotans. It will increase costs for students commuting to college, parents driving their kids to school, and farmers transporting their goods to market.

Under this proposal, Minnesotans would be forced to pay more for gas on top of increasing MNsure rates and property taxes.

Democrat Mark Dayton is sucking the pocketbooks of Minnesotans dry and we need to stop his destructive policies before it’s too late.

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