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"Congress has no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American …the unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people." – Tench Coxe, 20 Feb 1788;

How My State Rep Thinks..

Government spends money so that the economy can be stimulated and money can
be made. You have to spend money at the macro level to make it work. This
is different at the household level. The private sector creates money by
pulling it out of thin air.~David Bly…

Pretty much explains his big government, socialist leanings.

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IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED: Take action to stop anti-gun gun owner registration/capitol carry ban amendments on Thursday

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Hot off the Senate Judiciary committee meeting yesterday, we’ve received word that Rep. Dan Schoen (DFL 54A) will introduce two anti-gun amendments tomorrow to HF3467 – an omnibus bill that includes some public safety provisions that will be heard on the House floor during Thursday’s session.

Schoen_UBC_Amendment_-_Action_Alert.jpgEven though we’ve already fought this battle, Rep. Schoen will attempt to do the following:

To halt these amendments in your tracks, we need you to do the following right away tonight:

  • Call your State Representative:  Let them know that you’re opposed to this…

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Income flees Minnesota after big tax increase…

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Well go figure.

State has been run pretty much by tax happy DemocRATs.

So what the hell did they expect?

Recently, studies have found that over $2 billion in taxable income has left Minnesota over the last couple of years. Our state is essentially hemorrhaging wealth, and large employers are going elsewhere to find better business climates.

According to research done by Twin Cities Business, in the last two years about 3,099 taxpayers have left the state, taking approximately $2.1 billion in taxable income with them. The same study suggests that if this trend continues for even the next five years, over 12,000 earners with a combined net worth estimated at $65 billion, will migrate out of Minnesota, resulting in a loss of $5.2 billion in taxable income.

Source: Income flees Minnesota after big tax increase …

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Coming Tuesday: Sen. Latz’s Gun Control Circus

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Here’s the deal:

Under Legislative rules, it’s too late for any new pro- or anti-gun bills to move forward. Even knowing this, anti-2A Senator Ron Latz is holding a hearing on two DEAD gun control bills…and he’s doing it on the day that the anti-gunners are having their day on the hill.

Why would he waste everyone’s time, and your tax dollars, on this stunt?

1. The Bloomberg gun control gang told him to.

2. He wants it to look like there are big crowds to support gun control.

3. He can.


Whenever gun control rears its ugly, racist, elitist head, we’ll be there.

If you can possibly arrange it, please meet us at the State Senate Building at 7:30 a.m, wearing your GOCRA shirt, so we can show the Senate, the media, and the state that Minnesotans don’t support gun control.

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The State Budget Surplus Scam…

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A new report revealed that Americans spend more money on taxes than on general living expenses.

Crazy, right?

Not to Democrats

Three years ago Governor Dayton and the Democrats increased taxes by $2 billion and grew state spending by 15% over two years.

They didn’t cut spending or reform government – they taxed you!

And lo and behold, they’ve been running huge surpluses ever since!

Now, they’re scamming you on the surplus

Source: The State Budget Surplus Scam – MNGOP

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DFL’s transportation chanting points..

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Tax them into submission. Then tax them some more..

This op-ed, co-authored by DFL Sen. Kevin Dahle and DFL Rep. Vicki Jensen, is mostly fiction. It’s totally in keeping with the DFL’s transportation chanting points. Mostly, though, it’s a thinly-veiled attempt at a major middle class tax increase that isn’t needed.

Dahle and Jensen start with a false premise, stating it “is well reported that Minnesota’s transportation needs have reached a critical point.” There’s been no doubt that lots of stories featuring DFL quotes have been written. The question isn’t whether Minnesota’s roads need maintaining. One of the questions is whether Minnesota should focus on roads and bridges or if Minnesota should focus on transportation. Another question worth asking is this: if it’s that well-documented, why didn’t the DFL majorities in the House and Senate send a bill to the DFL governor that raised the gas tax in 2013?

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Reply from Senator Stewart Smalley (D-Dipshit- Mn)….

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Office of Sen. Al Franken
April 7, 2016

Dear Madd,

Thank you for contacting me about the current vacancy on the United States Supreme Court. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia came as a great shock, and my thoughts and prayers are with his family, his friends, and his colleagues. With his passing, the Constitution is very clear about what must happen now: Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution states that the President “shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint” a successor. President Obama has a constitutional obligation to nominate a replacement for Justice Scalia, and United States senators have a constitutional duty to give full and fair consideration to that nominee.

Unfortunately, even before President Obama had selected a nominee, the Republican Senate Majority Leader declared that the Republican majority would refuse to do its…

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Obamacare is working….for those that designed it…

MNsure’s Tragic Consequences …

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In one of his first acts as governor, Mark Dayton expanded our state Medicaid program and launched a website to manage our eligibility and billing systems for public and subsidized private healthcare. With that, MNsure was born.

Three years and $300 million later, the website is still broken, and according to a recent Legislative Auditor’s report, MNsure wasted an additional $271 million over five months by putting people on programs they don’t quality for.

If MNsure was just wasting money, it would be bad enough. MNsure is not only costing more, it is hurting people.

Source: MNsure’s Tragic Consequences – MNGOP

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2016 GOCRA Bill Tracker

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