How My State Rep Thinks..

27 01 2013

Government spends money so that the economy can be stimulated and money can
be made. You have to spend money at the macro level to make it work. This
is different at the household level. The private sector creates money by
pulling it out of thin air.~David Bly…

Pretty much explains his big government, socialist leanings.

**ALERT ** Baby DNA Vote in MN Senate TOMORROW, Wed, April 25

22 04 2014

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TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 25, the Minnesota Senate has scheduled a floor vote on the Baby DNA (Genetic Privacy Repeal) bill, SF 2047 (Marty).

This means every member of the Minnesota Senate will be asked to vote yes or no on repealing parent consent and eliminating genetic privacy rights for every newborn citizen into the future.

Please contact your Minnesota State Representative: sen.firstname.lastname

Ask them to vote NO on Senate File 2047 (“Newborn Screening Modifications”).

Author: Sen. John Marty (D-Roseville).

Reasons to Oppose SF 2047 Include:

1) SHIFT OF CONTROL: This bill is not about newborn screening; it’s about what happens after newborn screening is done. It’s about who has primary control over every newborn’s DNA. Today parents have it. The bill shifts control to state government and the MN Department of Health, which will store and use it without consent.

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Miscellany …..

21 04 2014

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Go here


Facebook shows once again it is against Free Speech..


Helluva  lot of terrorists out there then..

Standing Up To Government Is Now Domestic Terrorism


Chris Hayes of Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap..


Bundy supporter OWNS Chris Hayes on MSNBC: ‘We will not allow governance by gunpoint, ever’


Are you on the ‘List’?

Obama’s List Of Future FEMA Detainees, All U.S. Citizens


You Won’t Believe The Method That Common Core Is Using To Teach Our Kids Subtraction


If you are going to continuously attack an inanimate object in your efforts to take it away from law abiding tax paying Americans.

You should at least have a clue what you are talking about..

But it is the left and hysterics, threats and ignorance are their trademarks.

Whiny little pricks Atheists are.

Protesting what they do not believe in..

Why? If they don’t…

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Reply from Senator Franken

21 04 2014

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Office of Sen. Al Franken
April 21, 2014

Dear MaddMedic,

Thank you for contacting me about extending emergency unemployment insurance. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter.

Unemployment insurance provides vital support for Minnesotans who are trying hard to find a job but are still struggling to find work. Extending unemployment insurance helps these workers and their families keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table. It also boosts our economy because the unemployed are able to continue buying necessities for themselves and their families while looking for work.

That’s why the expiration of emergency unemployment insurance at the end of 2013 is such a serious matter – if we don’t renew it, this critical lifeline will run out for tens of thousands of Minnesotans this year. I was proud to support the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2014, which the Senate passed on April 7, 2014. This…

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Fact Check: Gov. Dayton Misleads Minnesotans about his Tax Increases

21 04 2014

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Fact Check: Gov. Dayton Misleads Minnesotans about his Tax Increases

Governor Dayton insists he cut taxes, 

but after an investigation, the verdict is in and the results are not good.

The Facts:

  • In 2013, Gov. Dayton raised taxes by $2.1 billion. (Star Tribune)
  • According to MPR, Gov. Dayton passed $232 million in sales taxes, just to repeal them a year later. (MPR)
  • Gov. Dayton passed a large financial gift tax, which he then corrected.(MPR)
  • Gov. Dayton even increased taxes on low income Minnesotans. (MPR)
  • After correcting a couple of their mistakes, Gov. Dayton and Minnesota Democrats still increased taxes by $1.7 billion! (MPR)

Not only did Gov Dayton raise taxes on Minnesota families, he mislead the public by saying he cut taxes. 

Tell Gov. Dayton money does not grow on trees. Sign our petition here! 

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GOA Slams Bloomberg and Justice Stevens for their Idiotic Ideas on the 2nd Amendment

17 04 2014

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GOA Slams Bloomberg and Justice Stevens for their Idiotic Ideas on the 2nd Amendment
While gun owners dramatically winning the culture war
“The founders did not establish a right to bear arms,” GOA’s Erich Pratt was quoted as saying to Newsmax.  “They assumed it already existed [and] said that it ‘shall not be infringed.’ [But] gun-control advocates frequently want to skip over those words.” 

Not a GOA member yet?  Click here to join Gun Owners of America!

Gun Owners of America joined a chorus of pro-gun organizations in slamming idiotic comments made recently by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

In a newly released book, Justice Stevens said the Second Amendment should be altered to say that people only have the right to bear arms “when serving in the militia.” 

GOA blasted the comments, adding that gun owners would welcome the opportunity to demolish Stevens’ arguments…

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Democrats’ Favorite Day of the Year

15 04 2014

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Tax Day
Democrats’ Favorite Day of the Year

This year, you can thank Governor Dayton and Minnesota Democrats for higher taxes.

Democrats raised taxes by $2.1 Billion in 2013, expanding government spending by 11%. In addition Gov. Dayton promised to raise taxes on the top 2%, but the majority of Democrat taxes fell onto low and middle class Minnesotans. 

We need your help to tell Governor Dayton to stop raising taxes. 
Sign our petition here!

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Happy Tax Day!!

15 04 2014

Originally posted on Freedom Is Just Another Word...:

The average American is working until April 21 just to pay taxes — the longest since World War II. But it gets worse, with…

 * 7.64 billion hours to file our returns

* $227.1 billion spent to comply


The federal tax code is 75,000 pages!

 Are we getting law and order? No. Instead, you use the money to…

 * give to your corporate cronies

* spy on my computer and molest me at airports

* imprison non-violent people

* wage illegal wars that anger foreigners and make us LESS safe

 Indeed, most of what you do is CRIMINAL.

 And I do NOT want my name or my money attached to these evils.

 It is BECAUSE what you do is criminal, that you have to resort to force. If what you did was justified, you could persuade me and I would donate.


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